History of Dullinger Ges. m. b. H.

Although, Joseph Dullinger founded the family business in 1936 in Salzburg, members of the family still successfully manage the company.

Before 1985, the business operated as a sole proprietorship but after became incorporated as a limited company.  The managing directors, Heinz Dullinger and Eva Dullinger are both major shareholders and are in control of the corporation.

In the last 70 years, our business philosophy has not changed because we strongly believe that products produced from natural materials are still in demand. More than ever before, consumers value natural building products and the healthy living environment they provide.

Because the restoration of monuments requires original materials and original restoration techniques, our lime products are known to be the best in the business.  For centuries, lime has been used in mortar, plaster, whitewash and colour finishes.  Even today, lime is still considered an ideal building product.

Company News

Dullinger Ges. m. b. H. is now offering a unique patented bubble processing technology developed in China. This new technology produces a natural material that has fire retardant qualities, superior insulation and produces crack free plaster systems. In addition, it meets building standards, decreases drying time and is economical to use.  In short, this is a unique product with a great future.

The first Silicate Expansion Processing Plant has already been imported into Europe and our customers’ response to this new unique technology has resulted in unsurpassed interest.

Our Product Line

Dullinger Ges. m. b. H. produces dry and wet lime products.  The product offering includes:

  • Marsh lime for mortar and colour finishes
  • Lime for animal feed and mineral mixes
  • Fertilizer lime for use in agriculture and gardens
  • Fine granulated limestone powders to be used as additives and fill material

Our company also produces pure mineral fillers, natural animal feed and insulation materials.

The Benefits of Dullinger Lime Colours

Lime colours are used for exterior and interior finishes. Walls painted with these materials have the following advantages:

  • they actively breath by letting air through the painted surface;
  • they regulate moisture and disinfect;
  • they are antibacterial, kill fungus and prevent mould.

In brief, lime colours offer a sound alternative to artificial, chemical colour compounds, and offer a healthier living environment.

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