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...even more benefits!

Thermosilit® has Superior Insulation Properties and Produces Crack Free Plaster Systems

Using this material produces crack free wall systems, and its super insulating properties also help maintain either a warm or cool living environment.

Thermosilit® conforms to Building Material Standards

All existing material specification standards and regulations have been met.  Since THERMOSILIT® does not absorb water, we are able to calculate the exact water and cement ratio to achieve the required pressure and strength standards.

Thermosilit® decreases Drying Time

Although Thermosilit® requires the same amount of water as conventional mortars, drying time is decreased. The pellet-like cell structure results in a faster moisture transfer that leads to a quicker and more consistent drying of the mortar.

Thermosilit® is Easier to Use and More Economical

Applying mortar and plaster made of THERMOSILITE is substantially easier, simpler and economical.  A 10cm thick layer of mortar is easy to apply manually or with a machine. 
THERMOSILITE is three to four times lighter than conventional mortar (over 2000kg per m2).

Thermosilit® saves on Transport Costs

Having a much higher volume for the same weight decreases transportation costs, which is further reduced because the materials are produced locally.

Thermosilit® saves on Energy Costs

Whether the material is used for heating or for cooling, the improved insulating properties lead to energy savings and result in a dry and comfortable living environment.

Thermosilit® production is an Environment Friendly Process

Since only water vapour develops during the manufacturing process, it is entirely pollution free.

Thermosilit® is Easy to Recycle

This product can be recycled and re-used in the construction process or used as agricultural fertilizer.


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